Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dishing Up Some Inspiration

Today's post is very spontaneous! My post was going to be on homemade taco seasoning but our travels took us by the quaint location of Clayville Historic Site just 15 minutes West of Springfield, IL on route 126. For a girl who grew up wanting to be a pioneer when she grew up, I had to post about it ... let's just say I was a kid in a candy store! As we passed by a sign for free tours and with time to kill between games, we were like ... ABSOLUTELY!

If you are into all things rustic and old fashion, this is a great place to checkout. The help was wonderful and the educational experience phenomenal. Our kids left saying "That was the best stop ever!" and we didn't even see everything!

They have a Spring Festival coming up May 16 and 17 and offer a Cowboy Whip Camp along with so many more activities for the kids!

Posting from my phone this evening so I will upload pics later.  All I have to say was I needed this side of inspiration for my blog today, a simple reminder of way back when and what I'm doing pays tribute to that.

2 pence, 4 pence, 6 pence, a dollar ... silver dollar coins 

 Today's Question: Do you make your own taco seasoning? Would you share your recipe? :) 

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