Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Homemade Vanilla

How to Make Your Own Vanilla

I have been wanting to start my vanilla since day one and finally took the first step of purchasing 1/4 pound of grade B vanilla beans today from Amazon! Will Cook for Friends has a great explanation about how to do this and what kind of beans and vodka to use. This is really going to take some patience because the product is not usable a couple months and  you could let it sit for up to 12 months! WHAT?!? This is definitely the reason for my procrastination which is quite a silly reasoning since had I started this on day one of my blog it would be within a few weeks of trying it. Oh well, such is life :)

Here's the plan ... as soon as my beans arrive

from Amazon

Homemade Vanilla

8-10 vanilla beans
8 ounces of vodka

Split beans and remove seeds. Place beans and seeds in glass jar. Pour vodka over beans. Close tightly and shake. Allow to sit in a dark place for 4-6 months, shaking occasionally. Anytime after 6 months, strain vanilla from beans and store in a dark, tightly sealed bottle.

Nothing very exciting today but it's one more step closer to going homemade! 

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