Friday, May 22, 2015

Homemade Wine Vinegar

Do sure exactly what I am doing here but I am following what I discovered from Jen's Natural Kitchen. I just ran out of my red wine vinegar AND had a leftover bottle of red wine in the fridge from Christmas. I am sure you are wondering why in the world do you EVER have leftover wine?!?!?! That my friend is a very good question ;)

I had some leftover white wine also (I know, double downer!) so since this is a longer process I figured I better get started on that one too! Now we just wait. On a little side note be sure to cover the jars with cloth and then remember it is just cloth, cloth does not hold liquid very well ... OOPS!

Updated 9/12/15 - So this one was a flop. :( Not because it wouldn't work but because I didn't do a great job following up and take the additional steps! The red wine molded and I am a little embarrassed to say the white wine is still in my cupboard. I couldn't even tell you the condition that it is in right now, YIKES! It might be a great science experiment I could use this the kids at this point! :)

This is one of those things I would like to do successfully at some point since we use both very regularly, but until then I will suffer the guilt every time I purchase it knowing fully well I could make it AND for a fraction of the cost! ;-p

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