Monday, June 1, 2015

Homemade Weed Killer(s)

Best 'weed killers' around ... AND they were definitely homemade ;-)!  For the sake of us all, I'll refrain from sharing the recipe and directions for today's post! 

These four make life crazy, chaotic, exhausting, fun, joyful, hilarious, blessed, and every other emotion each and everyday ... I mean there are 4 of them so usually it's 4 different emotions all at one time! Yikes, talk about about over stimulated emotions some days! Which is why yesterday during praise and worship at church a particular verse was perfectly timed and hit my heart like a ton of bricks, it spoke of breaking through in my expectations. We are surrounded by expectations and allow them to overpower our actions and desires. The expectations I place on my kiddos are tough and may be on days unreasonable. This song has made me reevaluate my expectations and I have notice the days I struggle with the expectations I have for myself as a mom are the days I have placed slightly out of reach expectations for my kids. It's on these days I find myself seeing them through their failed expectations rather than the affection of my unconditional love for them. This was hard for me to shallow, but a great realization!

Through all the crazy, I couldn't imagine life without these weed killers ... with each other by our sides, we are going to stand up against all those pesky weeds (in our garden and our lives) and make a world of difference!

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