Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No More Windex

Replacing the Windex!

Short and sweet … just like these two items make washing windows and mirrors. The Norwex Enviro cloth and window cloth have replaced my Windex for YEARS! If you have never been introduced to Norwex, let me be the one to tell you … there’s nothing like Norwex clean and without chemicals no less!!!

It’s as simple as using hot water to get the Norwex Enviro cloth (turquoise) wet, wring out the excess water, wipe down the glass with it, and then wipe the glass dry with the Norwex window cloth (pink). Really wish I had a before and after, but even if I did the picture wouldn’t even do this combo justice. 

And just to add the Norwex Enviro cloth has pretty much replaced ALL of my other surface cleaners from ceilings to floors in every room in the house! Best part about these, Norwex keeps adding new colors so you really could designate a color to each job if you so wished to do so. :)

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